In body jewelry and accessories we are use to seeing nose chains, and nipple chains but when it comes to wearing earrings we typically see the same style. Instead of wearing a plain hoop or stud try out a nice ear chain or ear lace. The awesome thing about ear chains and ear lace you don’t need to have multiple piercings to wear them. As long as you have an ear lobe piercing you can rock one! Most ear chains are made with a cuff for those who don’t have a cartilage piercing and you can find other style with an earring attached for a helix piercing.



Ear lace to wear ear lace you do need multiple piercings for the chain to loop through. For those who have multiple piercings and want to change up their look a bit from the plain ear stud, or hoop ring why not put on an ear lace earring to add some variety to your style.