Piercing Gun

Piercing guns have been used for many years in malls, department stores and even pediatrician offices for ear piercings. The piercing gun is a thing of the past actually professional piercer’s want people to stay away from the piercing gun. The piercing gun is very similar to a nail gun, having the jewelry rammed into your body during a piercing can be very harmful and can cause additional unnecessary scarring. The piercing gun also has an issue with being properly sterilized between each use, and can easily spread or cause infection. If you plan to get a piercing even if it’s a simple ear piercing please seek a professional piercer.


Piercing Needle

Piercing Needle is a method of body piercing that is a lot safer than have a piece of jewelry shoved through your body and snugly fit like a piercing gun would do. The piercing needle is hollow and extremely sharp. It slices through the skin safely pushing the tissue aside to make room for the jewelry. There is very little tissue trauma when dealing with piercing needles, meaning the scarring will be little to none after the piercing is healed. The process of being pierced with a needle is almost painless for most body piercings.


Going to a professional can cost you a little bit more but when it comes to your body, you should consider spending the extra money instead of running the risk of an infected piercing and/or horrific scarring due to a piercing gun. If you plan on getting a new piercing make sure you consider a professional body piercer for the best results.