Body piercing is once again becoming one of the trendiest body accessories second to tattoos. The experience of body piercing is different for every person primarily because everyone reacts and heals differently. However, there are certain dos and don’ts when it comes to body piercing.

Dos of Body Piercing

Find An Experienced Piercer

Your safety should be your topmost concern which is why you should always focus on finding a licensed and experienced piercer who knows what they’re doing.

Take Care of the Open Wound

After getting pierced, you will have to protect the wound by keeping it away from dust, debris, and dirt. Lack of care could lead to an infection and other complications. Plus, you should regularly clean your wound with proper products.

Be Aware of Complications

While getting pierced, you will experience immediate pain that will quickly subside. However, there is always a chance of developing some type of complication. If you continue to experience sharp pain or notice any lumps or pus, you must contact your doctor immediately. Keep in mind, though, that piercings on certain parts of the body will take longer to heal.

Don’ts of Body Piercing

Don’t Use Harsh Products

While it is essential to keep the wound clean, you should be cautious about the products you’re using. Don’t use any harsh products like rubbing alcohol. This will only do more harm than good.

Avoid Soaking Fresh Piercings

Fresh piercings should not be soaked into the water as they could accumulate a lot of bacteria, especially while swimming. Avoid submerging your piercing into the water until the wound has completely healed.

Don’t Remove Jewelry Too Soon

Don’t try to fiddle with your piercing immediately after getting one, and don’t remove jewelry too soon. This could increase the risk of accumulating bacteria onto the wound. You must leave it on until the wound has completely healed. Also, if you are unsure about how to change your jewelry, go to a professional for assistance.

Don’t Wear Tight Clothing

You’re not supposed to wear tight clothing around the piercing immediately after getting one. Tight clothing can irritate the surrounding skin and prolong the process of healing. In worst cases, your body may even reject the piercing.

Don’t Apply Beauty Products

You should not apply certain beauty products, such as perfumes, scented lotions, makeup, or harsh creams on the pierced wound. Some of the beauty products could create room for bacteria and even irritate the skin.


It is best to steer clear of the don’ts and practice the dos to allow the piercing wound to heal properly and completely. Lack of care and negligence could lead to serious infections and other complications. If you continue to feel any type of pain, swelling, or discomfort after getting pierced, visit your doctor immediately for treatment.