Piercing has always been a part of the fashion world, and being pierced at different parts of the body is a very common trend today. With the change in time, people keep on experimenting with styles. Nowadays, even stretching the pierce into a bigger diameter has become a fashion and is mainly popular for stretching ear lobes. For the process, a variety of body jewelry is available in the market, which gradually helps in enlarging the pierce by causing the micro tissue tear. Once the tear is healed, the process can be repeated until the required size is attained. This kind of stretching can help in wearing bigger and thicker earrings, tunnels or plugs.

For the process of stretching your piercings, you may need an ear stretching kit. This kit includes a set of acrylic tapers, which varies from size 0 and to 14 gauges. Therefore, you can stop stretching your pierce at any size whenever you want. The most important thing that should be kept in mind before going through this process is once the hole expands, it can never come back to its original size. The trendiest gauging jewelry is available in the market in various metals such as silver, titanium, surgical silver, etc. so you can choose from a wide variety of range as per your requirement. Rings, plugs, tunnels, barbells and hoops are the most popular form of body jewelry for gauging.

The funky neon colored jewelry, which even glows in the dark, is the latest in the tinsel town. This type of jewelry is mainly popular for its trendy colors and funky designs. For night parties and clubbing, neon jewelry looks cool and stylish and is a favorite among the youngsters. White metal jewelry is also fun, and double flare plugs and straight plugs are some of the popular styles.Tunnels are the best styles for everyday wear, whereas big rings and loops give you the groovy look. They are not very expensive and are available in various colors and designs; you can select them according to your choice and requirements.

Stretching a pierce is a painful process but it gives the ultimate chance of wearing different things and also helps you in experimenting with your looks.