There is no better way to show your fun and funky side than to choose an accessory like tongue piercing rings. Many outspoken, keen and attractive tongue piercings are available from piercing jewelry boutiques online. Browse through the styles offered by to find the perfect style that fits your personality and your budget. There are many designs available in various metals and gems sure to go with any clothing style or mood so you can create the exact look you desire. High-quality tongue piercings are safe, fun, attractive and full of character.


A Fine Selection of Tongue Rings Includes:

  • Basic Designs
  • Logo Tongue Rings
  • Titanium Barbell Tongue Rings
  • Acrylic Tongue Rings
  • Industrial Barbells
  • 14K Gold-Plated Tongue Rings

The Ins and Outs of Tongue Piercings 

Typically, most tongue rings come in 14g sizes. Since the tongue is made of pink tissue and muscle it is pierced differently than other parts of the body. Tongue piercings are straight, threaded barbells decorated with a ball at either end. You can also find tongue studs with small pendants on top for an added flare. There are also many materials used to make tongue rings including titanium, acrylic, bioplast and surgical stainless steel. Fancier metals such as gold are available all adorned with gems made from cubic zirconia or opalite to add some sparkle to your piercing. Now that you know the basics, it is time to add some pizazz to your daily wardrobe!

Decorate Your Tongue to Add Pizazz to Your Day 

Tongue rings are just fun. In order to properly show them off you have to stick your tongue out. While you could do the boring ‘aahh’ style of showing your tongue, it’s much more fun to make a face and show your fun and funky personality. Stick that tongue out and adorn it with high-quality tongue rings that are colorful, expressive and fun to wear. Oral piercings are unique and can be selectively shown off unlike more obvious piercings on your nose, lip or eyebrow. Switch things up and choose playful and cute barbell piercings or piercings with your favorite characters. Take your style up a notch by purchasing matching rings for your nipples and belly! Just be sure you are taking great care of your tongue piercing by keeping your piercings absolutely clean at all times. You’ll be smiling wider, showing off your tongue ring, and enjoying a unique way to show off your eccentric personality!