Before you know it Halloween will be here and all of the festivities will begin. There will be parties, haunted houses and if you live in Florida or and you plan on attending Halloween Horror nights in Orlando, Florida you want to make sure you look your best. The theme of Halloween horror nights is centered around zombies, based off the hit show the Walking Dead on the AMC network, as well as Resident Evil, and Evil Dead. One of the best do it yourself Halloween costumes would be a zombie costume. Its fun easy, and expensive for the whole family. Many people are planning to dress up as zombies, if you plan to dress up as a zombie, make sure you have a killer zombie outfit.

First step to your killer zombie costume: Make-up


Start out with the right make up, do some shopping around find a good quality that wont melt off half way through the night, second find a good tutorial on zombie makeup, the next thing is get some old clothes that you no longer wear and start ripping them up, tear them up add some red paint to them to give it the effect of the gruesome look.


Once you’ve got your makeup and outfit together, don’t forget to top your outfit off with some gruesome and scary body jewelry get tongue rings, belly rings, and all of your Halloween body jewelry accessories at