Ear piercings never fade out of style. It is one of those piercings that have been around since forever. In many countries, parents get their child’s ears pierced when they are just babies. Whether you adorn small bejeweled studs or large statement earrings, ear jewelry can truly amp up your entire look.

One of the best things about ear piercings is the number of options you have. Considering the number of choices, many people don’t even stick to a single piercing anymore; they opt for various ear piercings that they adorn with different types of ear jewelry.

Whether you want to get single or multiple piercings, here are some of the different types of ear piercings that you can consider:

Lobe Piercing

The earlobe piercing is a standard type of ear piercing that almost all women and some men get. As the name suggests, this piercing is done on the earlobe. The earlobe is the bottom, fleshy part of your ear. An earlobe piercing is probably the least painful ear piercing you can get. Moreover, its healing time is pretty fast, lasting only six weeks. Once healed, you can experiment with different jewelry options, such as small studs, large hoops, and statement earrings.

Transverse Lobe Piercing

A transverse lobe piercing is a modification to the classic earlobe piercing. It basically entails a barbell that runs horizontally through your earlobe. The angle of the transverse lobe piercing is highly reliable on the shape and size of your ear lobe. However, the only issue with this piercing is that it has a rather long healing time.

Industrial Piercing

An industrial piercing is a popular type of ear piercing that is also commonly referred to as a construction piercing. This type of ear piercing entails the double perforation of the upper cartilage of your ear. Even though the healing time of this piercing is a little long, it is totally worth it! An industrial piercing is unique and very attractive.

Cartilage Piercing

If a standard earlobe piercing isn’t enough for you, the cartilage piercing will certainly up the ante. This kind of piercing is a rather popular ear piercing choice for both men and women. As the name suggests, this type of piercing is located on the cartilage of your ear and can be adorned with some gorgeous jewelry such as tiny rings. While this type of piercing doesn’t hurt much, you can expect to experience slight discomfort and pain for two weeks.

Helix Piercing

Helix piercings are one of the most stylish and spunky ear piercings. This piercing is situated on the upper portion of the earlobe. However, it isn’t very painful when it’s done using a small needle. The best kind of jewelry for this piercing is a small barbell, but you can also consider other options such as studs and rings.

Tragus Piercing

The tragus piercing is one of the most versatile ear piercings you can get. It is situated on your tragus (the part in front of the ear canal) and can support a number of jewelry styles. However, tragus piercings are often painful as they depend on the size of your tragus.


All ear piercings look great! They give you your own unique edge, look, and personality. These were just a few of the different types of ear piercings you can get. However, remember that you don’t have to stick to a single ear piercing, you can opt for a number of them!