Micro Dermals are becoming more and more popular by the minute. Dermal piercings are a form of body modification that has an implant jewelry into the skin. Dermals are great way to accessorize of the body, many people use them to embellish tattoos. The awesome thing about dermals is that they can be put practically anywhere on the body from head to toe literally some people have even taken the finger ring to whole new level with dermal anchor piercings as rings. Depending on where the dermal is placed it may or may not be a permanent piercing. Unfortunately as surface piercings there is a high rate for rejection so when deciding on placement for dermals you should choose wisely. Dermals can also get in the way with clothing and get snagged and irritated.  The placement of the dermal is very important when it comes to the aftercare of your dermal, if you get hip dermals for example they might not be there for long. You have to think of clothing and if its possible that your jewelry will get caught or snag of clothing. If the answer is yes you probably shouldn’t place a dermal there. Dermals are great for the chest area, back, midsection almost anywhere that wont interfere with your clothing. Next time your thinking of getting a piercing why not try a dermal?