Conch Piercing is becoming very popular among both men and women nowadays. It is the new trend in the fashion town. Conch piercing is usually done in the inner part of the ear through cartilage; it is done in right through the center of your ear which resembles to the conch shell so it is popularly known as conch piercing. People love this new trend and flaunt their piercing by wearing trendy jewelry. So if you are thinking of stepping into the trend of body piercing then conch piercing is the best way to get started.

It is very important to use the high quality body jewelry for such piercing; Metals like titanium, surgical stainless steel or gold should be used for piercing conch. You can get more than more piercing done in your conch and can wear either a ring or a barbell. The healing process in conch piercing is very long, it almost takes three to six months in proper healing. It also depends on the health of a person; the time may vary from person to person. The first few days are very crucial so better care should be taken. The pierced area should be cleaned regularly with warm water and anti-bacterial ointments should be used for quick healing Balklänning .

Conch Piercing Has Become Very Popular

The most important thing for the successful conch piercing is the placement of the pierce, it is very crucial to get pierced in the exact place. Unlike other body piercings, conch piercing is easy to get done. Professional and experienced piercers should be approached for getting a safe pierced done. It is a very fast procedure, after finishing the piercing you can simply take care of it till it heals and after that you can flaunt your new look by changing accessories daily.

There are various designs available for couch jewelry; you can match them according to your attire as they are available in every possible color. From diamond studs to colorful rings, a wide range of different styles are popular in conch jewelry. They come in various patterns like floral, butterfly, leaves, stars, spiral, etc. or even in simple plain rings. Different gems, beads and stones are used for decorating conch jewelry. You get a wide choice for selecting the best piece of conch jewelry for yourself. Thus, conch piercing may be time consuming process but it’s the latest style statement.