Tired of having the same piercing everyday? When it comes to piercing, the possibilities are endless! You can have a simple Monroe to a daring nipple piercing. Why not pumped it up by getting more piercings but on different areas? There are lots to choose from eyebrows to your navel, you can have anything that you want.

Combination is Key

Choosing a body jewelry combination is like choosing for your next OOTD. It takes planning, passion and fashion. It doesn’t need to be perfect. What is important here is that you feel comfortable in your chosen skin. Beauty has a price and nothing beats comfort over style.

You can have double, triple, quadruple or multiple piercings! Getting the right combination is key. Try spicing it up with these recommended combinations that are trending today:

Ear Game On

Let’s start with something simple. The ear is the most common area to have multiple piercings. The lobes, tragus and cartilage are always adorned with beautiful jewelry. To start off, the Double lobe. Diamond and gold ear studs can complete this look. Actually, any stud in particular. Another one is Rook and lobe. On the rook, you can have a rook barbell and on the lobe, any ear stud or you can also pair it with an ear plug. You can also try the cartilage, conch and lobe. Get uniform hoop earrings to give you that sense of consistency. I really can’t enumerate all the combinations because they are all to-die-for.

Eyebrows, Nose and Lips on Fleek

Now we move to our eyebrows, nose and lips. Who doesn’t love eyebrow piercings? It adds flair to your already on-fleek eyebrows! Partner it with your hoop jewelry on your lip. With that combination, you’re gonna look like a badass. A nose and lip combination is always a style staple in most chic women. Double nostril with Labret stud? Nice! You can also interchange it with Vertical Labret or with a dolphin bite. And don’t forget our all-time favorite Septum! We all know septums are in rage all year round. You can dress it anyway you want. Pair your favorite septum bling with studded triple lobes. It will not only accentuate your nose but also your beautiful ear.

Moving on downwards

We all love nipple piercings as much as the next one but sometimes we just need more. Pair your fave nipple shield or ring with a seductive belly ring. Very sensual, if you ask me. Aside from that, you can also have a labret stud for your tongue piercing. Now this is what I call the “Triple Threat”. Three of your erogenous zones are being highlighted for your pleasure. If this wouldn’t titillate your sense, I don’t know what could.

Of course, there are a lot of combinations to choose from aside from the mentioned ones above. It’s alright to be playing it safe but it doesn’t hurt to try to change your look. Get out now and show the world how creative you can be with combinations of piercings and body jewelry!