Summer_ Body_Jewelry_for_body_piercings
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Whether you have your initial body jewelry that your piercer placed at the time of your body piercing or you have a jewelry box full of various body jewelry, summer is the perfect time to bring some color into your life.

In this article, we’ll show you how to add color to your collection of body jewelry. If you are sans piercing as of yet, we’ll even touch base on which textures and tones that work wonderfully for a wide range of body jewelry for every season. Let’s get some color therapy!

Summer_ Body_Jewelry_for_body_piercings
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Choosing Colors for Your Body Jewelry


When choosing colors for your summer body jewelry look, working with what you already like is key in easily integrating more color body jewelry into your wardrobe.

For instance, If you love deep blues and turquoise clothing and have a ton of items in your closet that have such colors, you can choose body jewelry that compliment that color. A pop of pastel orange or pink can be a small yet powerful color compliment.

If you are more of a monochromatic dresser and love your blacks, browns, and grays, adding colorful body jewelry to your style can have a big impact on your overall look. Add some summer by trying colorful body jewelry in just about any color you wish – you can’t go wrong when creating combinations with

Summer_ Body_Jewelry_for_body_piercings
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Go With Your Tones


Just like the color of your clothes and makeup, your skin tone also has colors it likes to pair with. You can experiment by holding up swatches of color to see which colors go well with your tone or you can follow the general guidelines below:


  • Coral pinks, bright and neon color often compliment many shades of warm, tan and olive undertone skin. Warmer, darker skin tones or cool tones with a deep tan creates a blank canvas to contrast against brightly colored body jewelry, so don’t be shy when choosing your colorful body jewelry.


  • If you have cooler tones, lighter pinks, pastels, purples and patterns probably look great against your skin. Metallic finish body jewelry can also be a stunning compliment to this skin tone.


  • Colored Gold Tones do wonders in adding colors, especially if you are a bit color shy.


Summer_ Body_Jewelry_for_body_piercings
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Add A Little Sparkle to Your Step


The word glitter tends to create a cringe in most people above the age of ten, mainly because we our minds immediately jump to big, confetti like sparkle that look good on almost no one. Well, times have changed and adding some sparkle to your body jewelry style has never been easier.


  • Gems & Jewels : Body jewelry that feature gems and jewels, whether real or man-made, is a beautiful way to draw extra attention to your piercing. Endless varieties of jeweled and gemmed body jewelry is available, ranging from colors, sizes, and shapes.


  • Glitteratti : For extra sparkle power, try body jewelry with either a larger surface (such as ear plugs) that have a glittered surface. These are immediate attention getters and come in so many pretty variations.


Summer_ Body_Jewelry_for_body_piercings
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Prints & Patterns


If one color is just not enough, prints are a great way to add some color to your body. Prints can include intricate images, colors of the rainbow, words, symbols and shapes incorporated into the body jewelry of your choice.

If colors frighten you, using patterns and texture can add some oomph to your body jewelry wardrobe while still providing additional flare without the risk of looking like Krusty the clown. Intricate patterns on plugs, septum hangers and industrial barbells are just a few of the types of body jewelry that come with many options for texture and pattern.




If you are still donning the surgical steel body jewelry that came with the piercing, it’s time to tune into summer and add some colors, textures and tones to your collection of body jewelry.

Try some of these tips today and don’t be shy. Your style is your signature, there is no going wrong. Here is a handful of colorful jewelry from our idea book below, all items can be purchased from – if you don’t like it, just return it. Your style is your signature, there is no going wrong.


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