Body piercings and modification have always been a part of culture and society for thousands of years. Mainly used as a tribal piercing the lip piercing has now become a form of body modification, art and expression. The lip rings have become increasingly popular over the years and more and more people have different variations of the lip piercings. From snake bites to vertical labrets when shopping for a lip ring you should know all the styles that can be used for the piercing. The piercing can either be done with a 16 gauge or 14 gauge, depending on the piercer and the person being pierced.


Lippy Loop– The lippy loop ring can be used as an alternative to the traditional captive bead ring for the labret piercing, along with snake bites, and shark bites. The lippy loop ring is a variation of the traditional horseshoe ring, and can be worn in different variations with regular ball beads or spiked bead ends. The lippy loop is a great choice for the labret.


Basic labret studs- The labret stud is the most common ring that you find in lip piercings. Most of the time the piercing is done with a long labret stud or a captive bead ring depending on the preference of the piercer.


Captive bead rings/ Horseshoe rings– The captive bead and horseshoe rings are the most common rings seen in a lip piercing aside from the basic labret. Most of the time the piercing is done with a captive bead ring or horseshoe ring depending on the piercer. The captive bead rings can be worn with spiked ends of regular ball beads.



Twister rings– The twister rings are a nice choice to wear in your snake bites or canine bites. This ring gives the piercing an edgy look.