If you are looking to get a nose piercing but are concerned about the finding the perfect fit for your face, look no further! There are some very simple steps and tips to help you find the right ring for your face.

Find Your Gauge. Since there are so many different nose sizes, so there are many different gauges to choose from. Do not worry, your professional piercer will be able to determine the right size gauge for your nose size. Don’t forget to ask which size they are using so you can buy new jewelry in the future

Find Your Length or Diameter. There are a few options for the length of your piercing. Again, your professional piercer will most likely pick this size for you. Generally, the same size is used for most people, but if you have a thinner nasal passage, there are shorter options available to you. When it comes to diameter, it is used for nose hoops. If you decide to not get a hoop for your first piercing, this should not be a problem for you, but you can still ask your piercer what size would suit you best for future reference.

Pick Your Decoration or Gem. The best part is picking the nose ring itself. The most important part of this, is figuring out which piece will look best on your face. If you have a smaller nose, you’ll most likely want to go with a smaller ring, and vice versa. However, your preference is what matters most. You’ll be able to look at all the options before getting it put in.

Already Have Your Nose Pierced?

If you already have your nose pierced, and are looking to get new jewelry, then finding the best option for your face can be the most important thing. In reality, the most important thing is knowing your gauge size. Buying a ring that is too big, or too small, can be bad for your piercing. The next thing is, the size of the jewelry. If you have a smaller nose, or thin face shape, you’ll most likely want to go for a smaller ring. This is something that is heavily dependent on your personal preferences though. If you like larger nose rings, then go for it! If you like flower rings, go for it! If you would rather wear clear, or plain rings, go for it!

Ready to buy?

Whether you are looking for a new ring, or are just going to get your first one, buying a new nose ring can be exciting. There are many different options depending on size, style, and accents. If you know what you are looking for, and are ready to buy today, let bodyjewelry.com help you out!