Navel piercings commonly referred to as the belly button piercing is considered to be one of the sexiest piercings. Many centuries ago belly rings were prominent amongst the Pharaohs and was seen as a symbol of courage. Through out time the navel piercing grew increasingly popular and now every 3 out of 5 women have a navel ring.

Belly button piercings can come in many variations. The most common belly piercing is the vertical upper navel piercing. The navel piercing is when the upper rim is pierced.


The second variation is the vertical inverse navel piercing or the reverse belly button piercing. This piercing is performed when the person being pierced does not have enough upper rim to pierce, or they just prefer to have a reverse belly piercing.



Multi belly piercings- multiple belly button piercings are performed around the rim of the navel usually completing a full circle.




Not all navels are created equally: Choosing the right jewelry for your belly ring. When it comes to choosing the right belly ring you shouldnt have to look very far. When you are first pierced you should check with your piercer what size you were pierced with. By size we mean both gauge and length. Some people’s navel area is smaller than others and requires a smaller length rather than the standard 11mm. The standard gauge the navel is pierced with is a 14 gauge. Belly rings come in both internally and externally threaded options as well as different materials from 14 karat solid gold, solid titanium to high qualtiy 316L surgical steel.