Nose rings can come in a variety of materials like all other body jewelry. The most common material to see a nose ring in is surgical steel, titanium, gold, sterling silver and acrylic. When it comes to choosing the right nose ring its best to do your research for the proper material to ensure you do not have an allergic reaction, or experience migration or rejection.



After you have chosen the proper material the type of nose ring is very important. There are many different shapes, styles and sizes to choose from. The nose bone, nose screw, L-shape, and hoop are the common shapes of the nose ring. The nose bone/nose stud is the most common nose ring it’s a short and small straight piece of jewelry that has a ball on the ends that is slightly larger to keep the jewelry in place. The nose screw is another very popular nose ring; the nose screw is shaped with a hook shape on the end. Nose screws tend to be a bit larger and are not always a comfortable fit for every nose. The L-shape is held in place by a 90 degree angle bend in the jewelry. The L-shaped jewelry tends to be a more comfortable piece for most noses. The last shape is the hoop, the hoop is circular with a small opening in it. The hoop is a nice piece to use with a nose chain.


The next important thing to keep in mind when shopping for a nose ring is gauge size. If the gauge size is incorrect this can result in the jewelry sinking into the piercing or even slipping through. Most nose piercings are done with a 20 gauge but depending on the customer and piercing the gauge can be larger or smaller.