Eyebrow piercing is one of the most highly visible types of piercings, very similar in attracting attention to a lip piercing. Having an eyebrow pierced will naturally draw a person’s attention to your eyes, so you want the piercing to be just perfect and represent your style and personal taste in body piercing rings.


Despite what some websites may indicate there is no one culture that is associated with the regular practice of using body piercing rings in the eyebrow area. In fact, this may be one of the few Western types of piercings that is now gradually spreading to parts of the world where the location of body piercing rings on the ears, chest and even the mouth is much more cultural in nature.


Location of Eyebrow Body Piercing Rings


The most common position of body piercing rings in the eyebrow area is to outside of the center point of the eye, typically vertical to the eyebrow, or across the eyebrow, or parallel outside the lower outer edge. Eyebrow piercing closer to the bridge of the nose are considered dangerous because of specific nerve that are found in that area just under the skin but professional piercers can complete the procedure.


More advanced types of piercings on and around the eye area are also becoming more popular but may require specific and specialized types of body piercing rings during the healing time as well as for wear afterwards.


Options for Eyebrow Body Piercing Rings


Perhaps not surprising the captive bead body piercing rings are the most common for the eyebrow area. These can be smaller or larger in diameter and the beads can blend with the ring or be gemmed for a bit of dazzle by the eye.


Often those providing the piercing recommend the use of curved or straight barbells to avoid movement while the piercing is healing. Rings can be rubbed pillows when you are sleeping and may be more easily irritated during the 6 to 8 week healing time.


You can choose from 14K solid gold designs, with or without gems titanium, surgical steel or sterling silver. There are those styles of body piercing rings that stick out from the eyebrow or those that are designed to be snug to the skin.


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