Body piercings are a great way to express yourself, and nipple piercings are really gaining in popularity. Think you’re the only one with a nipple piercing? Well, think again! Celebrities are getting these fun and intimate body piercings with increasing frequency. Here are some of our favorite celebrities with nipple piercings!

  • Singer Pink is one of the edgiest performers on stage today. In fact, she filmed herself getting her nipple pierced backstage at a concert. You can catch it yourself in her Live in Europe DVD.
  • Who can forget catching a glimpse of Janet Jackson’s nipple ring during her famous “wardrobe malfunction”?
  • Songbird Christina Aguilera has her right nipple pierced.
  • It doesn’t surprise us one bit to know that Rhianna has a right nipple piercing. In fact, Katy Perry has tweeted about seeing Rhianna’s nip ring in the video for “California King Bed.”
  • Nicole Richie set off a security alarm at the Reno Airport because of her nipple piercing. She forgot to remove it before she went through the detector!
  • Rocker Dave Navarro has a piercing in his right nipple. He also has a significant amount of body jewelry—all the way up to large ear gauges.

Have you spotted other celebs with interesting body piercings?