Cartilage BannerToday we’d like to showcase our newest cartilage studs and rings. We’ve got Ferido studs, enamel inserts, and colored CZ gems. All of these items are in stock and ready to ship.

freido studs 1

freido studs 2

16 Gauge 1/4″ Gem Ferido Heart Tragus Cartilage Earring – 4 Color Options

Can be used for tragus, cartilage, or helix piercings. Shaft measures 16ga with and overall length of 1/4″(6mm). Shaft is made of 316L surgical steel.

flower studs

16ga Flower Design 316L Surgical Steel Cartilage Stud – 2 Color Options

Made of 316L surgical steel – highest quality. Available in natural silver or gold i.p. color. Features CZ gems.

enamel studs


16ga Heart or Butterfly Cartilage Stud White Enamel Gold I.P. 316L Surgical Steel
Choose from either a heart or butterfly design. Insert is made of white enamel. Made of 316L surgical steel – highest quality. Gold I.P. coated for long-lasting color and durability.

Pair of Nipple or Cartilage Ring Clickers – 3 Color Options – 14 Gauge-5/8″(16mm) 316L Surgical Steel
Unique Hinge Design. Shaft measures 14 gauge – 5/8″(16mm). Made of 316L Surgical Steel – Highest Quality. 3 Colors available: red, clear or black