Today we will be discussing body piercings around the world. Many people call piercings and tattoos following a fad or trend, but this fad and trend of body modification through the form of piercings and tattoos has been around since the beginning of time. Body piercing is practice virtually all around the world. The most common piercings that are practiced worldwide are ear piercings and nose piercings. When body piercings were first practiced many centuries ago it was practiced by both men and women. Some of the oldest mummified remains have evidence of body piercings. Lip and tongue piercings were found amongst the African and American Tribal cultures. Genital piercings and nipple piercings are practiced worldwide by various groups and date back to ancient Rome. The practice of body piercings and modifications became increasingly popular after World War II. Body piercings were popping up in more places than just the ear or nose. In Western culture people typically do not pierce for religious or cultural reasons. In other countries it is typical to see young men and women with piercings. In the United States piercings and tattoos are regulated by law, the customer must be of a certain age to receive the modification unless they are accompanied by a parent. There are risks to piercings and body modification and if not taken care of properly can cause serious injury. So if you are planning to get a belly ring or tongue ring and your parents, or significant other says “you’re just following a trend” you can tell them that body piercings and modification is a part of our history and culture.