Do you love body piercings but you are concerned how well they will be accepted in the workplace? As tattoos and piercings are becoming more and more accepted in the workplace there are many places that do not tolerate it at all. There is not much you can do with a tattoo, but cover it up with clothing. We know that it is very important to keep a professional look at all times, and you may not want to take out your piercing and have it close up. That is why recommends retainer body jewelry. Retainer jewelry was specifically designed to conceal your piercing in places where it is not so accepted. The piercing retainer is made from PTFE flexible acrylic that is clear in color. This jewelry is not as noticeable as your everyday titanium or surgical steel jewelry. Piercing retainers are available for almost all piercings, a lot of our military customers purchase tongue ring retainers and nose ring retainers to conceal their piercings while they are one base. Flesh tone ear plugs are another great way to conceal your gauged ears.


Whether you are dressing up for the workplace or you are just toning down your look for family functions and holiday events take advantage of our piercing retainer jewelry and flesh tone ear plugs.