Today we will be answering questions from our customers and blog followers. We are constantly getting emails asking questions in regards to certain piercings, how they are done, the pain levels and much much more. We try to answer all the questions to better help our readers out that are also debating on getting a new piercing. Our first questions today in regards to the tragus piercing comes from Megan from Houston, TX.

How bad does the tragus piercing hurt, and how do I know if I have enough skin to pierce:

Well Megan like all piercings, there really isn’t a direct answer on how bad a piercing may hurt. Everybody is different meaning their pain tolerance is different as well. As any other cartilage piercing the tragus is thick and could be a painful piercing. To answer your second question when you go to get your piercing, the piercer will determine if there is enough tragus to be pierced.

Our next questions comes from Tiffany out of California.

Can I get my tragus pierced with a hoop or does it have to be pierced with a stud? Does it matter when it comes down to the healing process?

Tiffany what you are pierced with usually is determined by your piercer. If you would rather one over the other you should specify that before being pierced. Also if you want to be pierced with a certain type of body jewelry like solid titanium or solid gold tragus hoop you should let your piercer know what you would like to be pierced with to see if you all can agree. Whether you are are pierced with a hoop or a stud the healing process is based on how well you take care of the piercing each day until it is completely healed.