We have a lot of our readers asking questions about specific piercings. We all love piercings and the way that they look, but before getting pierced you may be apprehensive about getting pierced. You may be concerned with how bad it may hurt so body jewelry is here to answer those questions. We have 3 questions today about the nose piercing specifically the nostril piercing.


Our first question is from Sam from Texas, her question is how bad does the nose piercing hurt?

Well Sam everybody is different a persons pain tolerance can vary from person to person. You have to remember that your nose is cartilage and tends to be a bit tougher than something like your belly. The nose piercing isn’t painless but its not unbearable. The piercer will mark your nose for placement and then pierce your nose, you will feel a slight sting from the needle going through your nose but its nothing to concerns yourself with to much.


Our next questions is from Alex from Orlando, FL his question is how long will it take before I can change the nose stud?

With any piercing you should wait at least 4-6 weeks before changing any jewelry. To ensure that you are able to change your jewelry at the 4-6 week mark you have to make sure that you are taking care of your piercing. Make sure you follow the instructions of your piercer for aftercare and you should be fine. We recommend that you see your piercer to have the jewelry changed for the first time.

We hope that these answers have helped you if you were unsure about getting a nose piercing. If you have any questions about nose piercings or any other body piercings contact us at to get your questions answered.