It is common for individuals who want a piercing to get overly worked up when they ruminate on how painful the procedure could become. What they fail to understand is that pain as a whole is a subjective phenomenon, as what might be excruciatingly painful for you might come off as a sting for others and vice versa.

Generally, the more nerve endings located in the region of your piercing the more painful it will be. It’s the reason why genital and nipple piercings (especially for males) are quite painful because located in those areas are nerve clusters that provide heightened sensitivity

Full disclosure, some piercings could be really painful, the good thing about these types of piercing however, is that most times the pain is not sustained and subsides almost immediately. On the other hand, some piercings might feel relatively painless at the first instant, but with time the pain begins to manifest.

As a rule of thumb Inasmuch as pain is a barrier, it shouldn’t be the determining factor on the piercing you end up picking. Piercings are an art that represents your psyche; it would be counter effective to opt in for a piercing because it is less painful than the others or back out from your dream piercing because it bears the risk of being too painful.

Below is a comprehensive list of piercing procedures and how they measure on the pain scale.

The ‘tickle’ Piercings

Earlobes piercings

Probably the most commonly practiced form of piercing, it is the only body piercing category that is legal for minors (under age of sixteen) albeit with parental consent. The procedure is a quick one and is also practically painless, with most people noting just a slight discomfort. The piercing also heals fastidiously and requires very minimal care of swabbing with a cotton bud immersed in salt water.

Eyebrows Piercings

Eyebrow piercings are the most widespread of all surface piercings. Like the earlobe piercing, the procedure is quick, relatively painless and heals within a short period

Belly button piercings

Although the belly button and its outside edge are well innervated and particularly sensitive in some individuals, the pain experienced during this procedure is minimal. Probably because most belly button piercings entirely avoid the belly button itself and aim for the region just above it. The piercing should heal completely under six months

The ‘Bee Stings.’

Nostril Piercing

Unlike the piercings above which go through only skin, Nostril piercings transcend cartilage and as such will elicit a higher level of pain and discomfort. Typically the piercing procedure itself is quite painless; it is the healing process which takes up to 8 weeks that causes pain as cartilages take a longer period to heal.

Tongue Piercings

For most people, it is the mere thought of having their tongue violated that constitutes the pain experienced in tongue piercings. In reality, the piercing procedure causes median discomfort, and if you’ve bitten your tongue before and survived it, then the procedure will come off like a breeze to you. The issue with tongue piercings, however, is that they have the propensity to get irritated and inflamed quite easily. This is due to its position and frequent use, however, if you diligently follow your piercer’s instructions they heal very quickly as the tongue is a well-vascularized organ


 Lip Piercings 

Lip piercings are one of the more traditional styles of body piercing in mainstream media, and it’s not hard to see why. For the beauty and style they afford the user, lip piercings are a moderately painful procedure to carry out. And just like tongue piercings, they tend to heal very fast, provided there are no complications.

Ear cartilage piercings

Any piercing that goes through the ear cartilage is probably going to cause significant pain. From Daith, Helix and a whole lot of other ear cartilage piercings the healing time could take up to six months; consequent of the little blood supply that reaches body cartilages

On the brighter, in the field of acupuncture, the ear cartilage is thought to host several pressure points of nerves. And going with user comments and feedbacks it can be deduced that ear cartilage piercings like Daith could relieve constant headaches and migraines.

For the brave hearted

Nipple piercings

Due to the density and cluster of nerves, the nipples are one of the most sensitive body parts, as such, they could cause lots of discomfort and pain especially in men. Healing also takes a significantly longer period and could extend up to one year; this is expected as clothing and bra usually cover the piercing. That said, they are one of the sexiest forms of piercings with users reporting a boost in sexual confidence and sensitivity.

Genital piercings

While the nipples are richly innervated, the genital region holds the record for the highest concentration of nerve endings. What this means is that genital piercings could potentially pack a painful punch. However, most users note that this pain is usually fleeting and subsides immediately after the piercing procedure is completed; the catch here is that the process takes a relatively longer period as the piercing has to go through considerable amount of tissue.



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