When it comes to getting a new piercing we tend to get overwhelmed with excitement and forget about little important details, like the type of body jewelry you are going to be pierced with. Wherever you go to get pierced make sure they are a certified piercer. If you are a person with sensitive skin you should consider using solid titanium body jewelry.

What makes titanium so special? There are two types of titanium body jewelry there is anodized titanium and solid titanium which is one of the best metals for body piercings it is highly resistant against erosion. Titanium does not interfere with your bodily fluids either, that means there is less of a chance of migration and rejection. Titanium is also a light weight metal its even 2 times lighter than 316LVM surgical steel, this makes it great for initial piercings. The great thing about titanium body jewelry also comes in a variety of colors as well as a high polish look. Anodized titanium is simple 316LVM nickel free surgical steel coated with titanium. Anodized titanium is a great choice as well but if you have sensitivity to surgical steel, the solid titanium may be a better option.

Grade 23 Solid Titanium body jewelry is an excellent choice for belly rings, nipple rings, and lip piercings as these piercings seems to be more problematic in healing than others. If you are planning to get a new piercings you should really consider titanium. I would also recommend titanium jewelry for dermal piercings. When considering implanting a metal into your body you should choose solid titanium.