Body Jewelry in the Fashion Industry






The fashion industry is one that is characterized by a diverse range of designs, clothing and signature style statements. Every now and then we witness the rise of a new trend that gains popularity and becomes mainstream. In the cynosure of body arts and piercings, several jewelry trends came to limelight and-and stole our hearts. This article seeks to recount the magnificent body piercing jewelry and art trends that have rocked the body piercing fashion ring in the last few years.

  • Nose Rings

Nose rings are the ultimate jewelry to add the deserved flair to your nose piercing, and given that over 19% of females and 15% of males have a pierced nose it goes without saying that the popularity of nose rings is far reaching. Nose rings and nose piercings have been present in the scene of body art since prehistoric times, and while then it symbolised masculinity, bravery, affluence and royalty, in today’s world nose rings are a means of self-expression. Following this current theme of self-expression, nose rings come in a wide range of different styles, colors and shapes affording individuals a variety of styles that depict a broad range of personality and character taste; from Captive bead rings to seamless rings septum tusks, Labret studs, and Nostril screws; the list is virtually endless.




  • Belly Button Rings

This body piercing jewelry became popular in the early 1990’s when pop stars like Britney Spears were spotted adorning them.  Belly button jewelry stands out because they accentuate the natural curves and beauty of the female body. It’s no wonder that it is the third most popular type of body piercing jewelry in the US and according to statistics close to 33% of the American female population have one belly button ornament or the other decorating their pierced belly buttons. Although this kind of body piercing jewelry tends to fit women more, men can also use them, and in combination with the right accompanying jewelry, say captive rings, they are sure to look spectacular on the masculine body.




  • Nipple Jewelry

In the hierarchy list, nipple rings are third runners-up in the battle for supremacy. When done right, nipple rings add a sort of style to the physique of a woman that no other body piercing jewelry can achieve. This unrivalled and unique style is why nipple rings dominated the body piercing atmosphere for quite a while with celebrities like Rihanna, Amber Rose, Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and a host of others carelessly flaunting their nipple rings. From nipple shields, Dangle nipple rings, bent barbells and a lot more there’s always one or more nipple ring that’ll surely satisfy the cravings of any body piercing and art enthusiast.




  • Tongue and eyebrow rings

This relatively new forms of body piercing jewelry hit the limelight during the rise of punk culture that transcended the 1970’s and 1980’s. Both types of body piercing jewelry are more predominant in males than in females, with 16% percent of US men spotting tongue piercings and 17.5% using eyebrow rings. Essentially Straight barbells are the industry standard for tongue rings and the give the user a sexy a charming look when they talk.

Eyebrow rings, on the other hand, come in different styles and shapes that include micro bent barbells, captive rings and circular barbells, etc.



  • Lip Ring

Lip rings and piercing have been around for a very long time and can be found in various prehistoric societies in the world (like the Masai People of Kenya). They have afforded body piercing enthusiasts a relatively easy way to adorn body piercings, with the only downside being that similar to tongue and eyebrow piercings they could come off as trashy and are most times frowned upon in professional business and office establishments.

Regardless of this, however, lip rings are a mainstream type of body piercing jewelry, that is worn by a host of top tier celebrities like Rihanna and Cara Delavigne.


  • Septum Rings

The concept of septum rings came bundled with nose piercings as a souvenir brought by hippies who were coming back from India in the early 1970s. As a trend, it went on to gain traction in the 1980s as the punk look made its appearance. That said their origins and roots seem to extend deeper into history as tribes and communities in islands like New Guinea, Borneo, as well as South American and other native tribes like the Mayans are known to have adorned these septum rings.

These rings have garnered so much popularity as they provide an even edgier look while being a tad bit more subtle than conventional nose rings. Information from Google on search histories have pointed out an increasing interest in the trend of septum ring especially among teenagers as if offers them the opportunity to display their wanton characteristic of being edgy. Several celebrities including Chloe Moretz have been spotted wearing septum rings.


In conclusion, it is quite evident with these trends that body piercing jewelry has come to stay as an alternative fashion style in the fashion industry. With the growing number of A-list celebrities that have been seen rocking these signature style statements be sure to anticipate the evolution and creation of even more daring and mainstream body piercing jewelry trends.