After getting pierced you are excited and just can’t wait to show off your new piercing but don’t forget that the journey has just begun with this piercing. The most important part is having patience while taking care of your new piercing while it heals.  We all want to change the jewelry into something that we like but if you rush and change the jewelry too early you can harm your piercing. The healing process can be different for everyone but one thing you must have is patience for your body to completely heal before trying to change the jewelry. It is best to take the advice of your piercer but just in case you forgot in the midst of all the excitement over your new piercing, here are some instructions on taking care of your piercing.

-Always wash your hands before handling your piercing.

-Clean your piercing with an antibacterial soap at least twice a day unless instructed otherwise.

-Follow up cleaning your piercing with a saline solution that you can purchase from your piercer or you can mix your own sea salt and water.

-Do not remove the jewelry to clean it.

It is very important that you maintain a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and get lots of rest as this will help aid in the healing process. Try not to use alcohol or any other recreational drugs during the healing process as this can slow down the process.

You should avoid cleaning your piercing to often as this can slow down the healing process. If you are experiencing extreme pain, swelling or experiencing and excessive discharge from your piercing and feel it may be infected see your piercer or doctor as soon as possible.

Good luck on your new piercing, enjoy it!