Stretched ears are not anything new, it may be something new in western culture, but it has been around for thousands of years.

People have been decorating their bodies and modifying their bodies since the beginning of time, it has always been a part of culture and history. There are several different reasons as to why people modify their bodies whether it be spiritual, to enhance beauty and sexuality, or just because. For many years tribes used piercings and other forms of modification to scare off their enemies, I mean come on what can be more intimidating than seeing someone with tusks going through their ears and nose?


Body modification dates back a long time, the 5300 year old mummified remains of Otzi the iceman shows evidence of not only tattoos but stretched lobes around 8-10mm. The famous king Tut was also depicted to have stretched ear lobes. Ear stretching is very common amongst many indigenous peoples in many different areas from Asia to Africa and even in South America.



Now a day’s people do it for their own personal preferences. Some people stretch their ears for fashion or a form of expression.  Some people even look at it as a spiritual experience as it takes time and patience to properly stretch your ears. The stretching of your ears is something that cannot be rushed, and it requires a lot of patience. Like many other forms of body modification ear stretching is generally permanent. Before you decide to stretch your ears, make sure you can commit to taking care of your ears during the process.