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All Good Things Are Paired

All good things come in pairs, right? In this case, yes they do. The rising trend of combining two or methods of body modification to achieve an even further customized look is taking the spotlight lately. The infinite combinations that can be achieved with these dual techniques allow us to really create looks that have never been created before.


Combining traditional body piercings with transdermal implants, adorning tattoos with dermals, or combining multiple clusters of dermals are some of the hottest dual methods of body modification we have been spotting. Let’s explore why and how we can achieve our own unique combinations to create new looks or give some spice to our existing body jewelry game.  


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Traditional Piercing  With Dermals


Traditional body piercings can be further accented with the placement of dermals. Planning is key to successfully achieving this look.


If you are starting fresh with no piercings and want to achieve the look of traditional body piercings, such as an eyebrow piercing, in combination with a dermal above the cheekbone, be sure to let your body piercer know fully the plan. Depending on the area and the amount of tolerance you are comfortable with, this look may be achieved on one visit. (Talk about instant gratification.)


Some common combos that we love are navel piercings with abdominal dermals; dermals above the cheek (as mentioned), dermals on the center of the chest with nipple piercings.


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Dermals on Tattoos


A trend on fleek we have been spotting on more and more stylish fashionista’s across the globe is dermals and tattoos set working together in a collaborative effort to give more dimension to both body modifications.


Placing a dermal strategically to accent a completely healed tattoo creates a masterpiece of two body modifications really working in harmony to create a whole new level of body art. To achieve this look, dermals or transdermal implants, should be placed only after the tattooist has completed his or her work, in both outline and shading, as well as the follow up visit to touch up any areas where the ink did not settle into the skin quite as well. The tattoo should then be given ample time to heal completely, usually 60 days of healing with protective ointment will ensure that the skin has had time to sufficiently recover. At that time, you can schedule a visit to your body piercer to discuss the placement of your dermal. Be sure to tell them exactly when you got your tattoo and if there were any complications during the healing period. The piercer will make his/recommendations on placement after understanding the look you are aiming to achieve,

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Dermal Clusters


Much like a cluster of stars, dermals do shine brighter when they are surrounded with more of the like kind. Having a set of two or more can create so much depth to any area of the body. One of the major pluses with transdermal implants are that they can be placed much closer together than traditional body piercings as well as places on the body that cannot normally support body piercings, such as the collar bones and center of the chest, where there is very little loose skin.


Sets dermals can work vertically, one above the other and side by side as well as in pairs on correlating halves of the body, such as the left collar bone and the right collar bone. Either way, this technique is trending fast due to the decreased healing time, reduced scarring after removal, and versatility in placement.

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Go For the Mix


No matter which dual modification technique you decide to go with, always make sure you go to a reputable body modification provider. You can do your own research or get recommendations from friends and family, just be sure to go with one that feels comfortable for you. Once the modifications heal, there are so many ways to keep your style fresh, simply by changing out your body jewelry. We offer a risk-free shopping so do take advantage of our Idea Books for suggestions and recommendations. Until next time, MIX ON!