Spring 2016

It’s this time of the year again where winter snow melts, trees and flowers bloom and most of all, your entire winter wardrobe changes – Spring! Don’t worry. This season is not all about your seasonal allergies but of euphoria and rebirth.

Rejoice, fashion junkies! Spring Fashion Week just happened recently and it blew everyone away like a storm. From veteran fashion houses of British Alexander McQueen to Italian Versace, to name a few, the runway certainly looked ravishing from what they had to offer. Looking back to Fall 2015 the trend was the roaring 70s, then Spring 2016 led on the nostalgia to stop at the grungy 90s.

But we will not talk about dresses, pants and hats here. Body jewelry has made a huge statement on this season’s fashion. We saw design comebacks and new ones. Their collections were summarized into three simple words: BIG, BOLD and BEAUTIFUL!

Check out some of the trendy body jewelry in this year’s Spring Collection by Fashioniser’s. Bold is the statement of the season.



Chokers are Back!

Who would’ve thought that this piece would resurface? This tight-hugging necklace was around since the 19th century, worn by ballerinas and the elite, but was popularized in the chic 90s or the late 20th century. Now, it’s back after 10 years or so with a bang! From Etro’s silky pieces embellished with botanical motifs to Christian Dior’s metallic ones with iridescent stones, these designers really amped up their game. It’s safe to say that chokers are here to stay.

Jerralee Fierce
Jerralee Fierce, Miami – MUA

Facial Decos on Point

It’s a great season indeed because piercings were being highlighted. But some designers have different takes on your usual areas. Givenchy had it on the bridges of the nose matching it with encrusted beads and stones on the face. As usual, septum piercings and dermal anchors are still holding top ranks in facial piercing market.


Chain Me Up

Not bondage, just fashion. Body chains have an X shape, covering the whole breast and some, reaching over the hips. You can have it in rigid silver or sparkling gold. The chains are usually thin and light with pieces of stones and beads.


Ear Game ON

I think I speak for most people when I say that this year’s spring collection is all about them earrings. It’s really not hard to miss!

A recurrent theme for this collection: Massive, Elongated and Intricate. An example for this is Givenchy’s Golden Plate Earrings. Pair it up with a Golden Choker and you’ll look like you’re in a futuristic drama. Chandelier earrings are also on the rage. You can totally sport a luxurious and chic look while on some days, a bohemian free-spirited one.

Alexander McQueen’s shoulder grazing earrings are metallic and pearlescent while Kenzo’s chandelier earrings are flower-inspired adorned with a whole lots of stones, beads and pearls. Another style is in the guise of a single earring. Robert Cavalli’s audaciousness gives us massive and heavy single earring. If you happen to lose one, you needn’t worry because you still have a spare.




Bikini Weather

We can’t deny that spring is also for the bikini enthusiasts. Get in shape by exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and drinking lots of water. Love your skin so always remember to put on sunblock. Choose an appropriate body jewelry for the occasion, a belly ring perhaps? But be creative! We have more than a dozen belly rings that you can try and you don’t have to stick with one!
Having to choose your ensemble is not easy, but being fabulous is. Don’t be out-of-date and hop on the trend train! Start the season right with the new Spring collection- here are few you to help you get started on your spring body jewelry wardrobe.