When you are shopping for body jewelry you may run across a few tools and pliers and may wonder what they are used for. The piercing tools don’t just stop at the body piercing but they can be used while you have your jewelry in. There are tools for dermal anchors to assist in changing the dermal tops as well as tools to help you open and close segment rings and captive bead rings. Today we are going to cover some popular tools that may be of great use to you. You shouldn’t be discourage from buying certain jewelry because you don’t know what tools to use to change it. The most commonly used tools in body piercing and changing the jewelry are: ring opening pliers, dermal anchor grip forceps, non-slotted forceps with ratchet, septum tube forceps, and the dermal punch. These are not all of the tools used in piercing but these are the most common.

Ring opening pliers: the ring opening pliers are commonly used for opening captive bead rings and segment rings as well.

opening pliers

Dermal anchor forceps grips: Dermal tops can be small and hard to work with so the dermal anchor Kelly grip forceps body piercing tool is a great tool to use when you are changing your dermal tops. You have a less likely chance of loosing your dermal tops.


Forester non-slotted forceps with ratchet: This tool is most commonly used on tongue piercings as well as lip piercings. This tool helps keep the piercings straight and guide the piercer as the needle goes through the skin.


Septum Forceps: The septum forceps are pretty self explanatory, this tool is used to help keep the septum piercing straight while it is being performed. Sometimes the septum can be pierced free-hand.


Dermal Punch: The dermal punch tool is an alternative to the needle, the dermal punch is more precise and a much quicker process. The skin is actually punched out so that the jewelry can easily be inserted.

dermal punch