Happy Friday followers! Today’s question comes from another one of our awesome followers Julie.

I just recently got my belly button pierced almost two months ago. The healing process was fine after about a month, I thought it was pretty much healed. I started having problems with it a few days ago, it became red and itchy and somewhat irritated. I wanted to know if this was normal or if it is an infection. I do clean my piercing twice a day as my piercer told me so I’m not sure why it is doing this, can you please help? — Julie, Detroit.

Well Julie based on your description of whats going on with your belly seems to be apart of the normal healing process. Before you rule out infection being a problem make sure there is no yellowish or greenish discharge (usually has a odor) coming from the piercing as this is a sign of infection. Also if there were infection it would be pretty sore and you wouldn’t be able to clean it without great discomfort. If you feel this is the issue you should see a doctor or your piercer to further evaluate it. If your piercing is just a little red and itchy that is normal a warm sea salt solution is perfect to get that itchiness to go away. After you have cleaned your piercing with antibacterial soap and water, follow up with warm water and sea salt. Soak your piercing for about 5 minutes and you’re done. Sea Salt soaks or solutions sprays are highly recommended throughout the healing process as it helps the piercing heal, prevent infection and calm the scar tissue during healing. Julie if you continue to clean your piercing faithfully and taking care of it you should be fine! Good luck with your new belly ring!