Today our question comes from one of our followers Tania from California.

I have a few piercings as of right now but I was interested in getting hip piercings. I’m not sure if it would be better to get microdermals or if I should just get a hip piercing with a barbell. I am curious as to how much this piercing hurts, because it looks a lot more painful than the average piercing. If the dermals or the actual piercing would be a better option. I also want to know how long they take to heal and if they are hard to take care of. I do have my belly piercing, tongue and my ears are pierced, so taking care of the piercing isn’t a problem for me I’m just curious in how well they heal based on the location.


Well Tania to answer your first question if it would be better to get the actual dermal anchor or just a surface bar for your hip piercings, we would recommend the actual dermal. The dermal piercing is a surface piercing just like the surface barbell but since the dermal is actually implanted into the skin it will last longer than the surface barbell. Surface piercings tend to be semi-permanent usually growing out or rejecting due to the placement of the piercing. The dermal anchor is actually implanted into the skin, and when done properly can stay in for quite a while, much longer than a surface barbell. Dermal piercings no matter where they are placed on the body can be pretty painful. The piercing is nothing unbearable as people get dermal piercings all the time in different places. Dermal piercings are to be treated like any other piercing in terms of healing. Make sure you are keeping your piercing clean. When it comes to the placement of your hip piercings make sure you talk to your piercer about the placement so that it doesn’t interfere to much with clothing as you do not want snagging and tugging on a fresh piercing.

Well Tania I hope we answered all of your questions and good luck with your hip piercings!

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