There are many different types of lip piercings that can be done. As we know not all lips are created equally. So when shopping for your lip jewelry you should know what you are looking for. The last thing you want is a lip ring that is entirely to big, or so small that it actually sinks into the piercing “ouch”! Today we will be reviewing a few of the most common lip piercing and some good choices for suite your lips perfectly.



Labret Monroe/traditioal labret: This piercing is one of the most common lip piercings. It is typically done with 14 gauge labret stud. This piercing is typically worn with a stud so when shopping for a labret stud make sure you are checking the length of the jewelry. Some may need as small as a 6mm up to a 10mm in length.



Medusa Piercing: The medusa piercing can also be worn with a labret stud and also with a captive bead ring.

Snake bites: Snake bites can be worn with quite a few different types of body jewelry. My favorite are the lippy loop lip rings, they look awesome in snake bites! Captive bead rings and horseshoe rings are also a great fit for snake bites.