Designing Body Plugs

The body piercing jewelry is something that is increasingly growing in popularity these days. You can use various devices for creating piercings in your body for the purpose of wearing body piercing jewelry items like earrings, lip rings, nose rings etc. One such device is the body jewelry plugs. If you are fond of wearing body jewelry then you can use a body plug for creating a pierced hole through which you can insert your jewelry. You can buy the body jewelry plugs from any store near you. You can also design them yourself. If you want to know how you should design body plugs, you have to keep certain important steps in mind.

Steps for Designing the Body Plugs

The first thing that you have to do when designing one of the body jewelry plugs, is to make sure that you are capable of changing your body jewelry on a regular basis. On the basis of the location where you make your piercing and also how well you take care of your pierced area, the healing time will vary. You should get in touch with a person who is a professional at body piercing and get him or her to tell you whether your body piercing is capable of being removed. The second most important thing that you have to do for designing your very own body plugs is to measure the body jewelry items that you are presently wearing. You can do this in two ways. You can either use a caliper or you can use a gauge wheel. You can use the gauge wheels for measuring wire. The caliper is something that you can use for measuring inches. After you have measured your body jewelry, you can replace it.

Body Jewelry Ear Plugs
Body Jewelry Ear Plugs

The third essential step that you need to execute for the purpose of designing a body plug would be to purchase one blank plug of an appropriate size. The size of your jewelry will help you to determine what size of plug you should purchase. You could even make plugs out of rods or plastic dowels. You should make sure that you avoid porous and organic materials when you are purchasing or are making a body plug. You should also ensure that you avoid objects that have very sharp edges. You should consider using clean, smooth and synthetic plugs. This is very important because unless you do you will be likely to be plagued by some terrible infection in your ear. The skin of your ear is very sensitive and you need to be careful about what kind of materials you use over it.

The final step which you need to carry out for designing a body plug would be to purchase an o shaped rings from any hardware store and place these over the newly cut dowels or the blank plugs. The o shaped rings will serve as body piercing jewelry items that you will have to hand from the plugs in order to see how they are looking. After that you can use an Exacto knife for etching out a design over the face of your plug. You can apply acrylic paint to the grooves in the design to make these grooves stand out.

Thus, there are some vital steps that you need to undertake when designing body plugs.