noseblendThe practice of piercing the nose has been popular amongst people of various cultures and backgrounds for many centuries. The nose can be pierced in many different ways, but two of the most popular ways in the United States is the piercing of the nostril and septum.When it comes to doing something different with your piercings you should think about trying a nose chain. Adding the nose chain to your nose ring is a beautiful accessory that connects from your nostril piercing or septum piercing to the ear lobe. The nose chain is not only used for beauty and self expression but it also has a strong cultural significance amongst Indian women. Another great benefit of nose chains is that you do not need a nose piercing to wear it, nose chains are available with non-piercing jewelry so that you can have the beauty of a nose chain without the commitment of a piercing.


Belly chains and back belly chains are a great accessory to wear during the summer time. Are you headed to the beach and don’t have your belly button pierced? A great midsection accessory is a belly chain, and the wonderful thing about belly chains is that you don’t need a belly button ring to wear one. Belly chains simply sit right on your midsection to accentuate your stomach and back area. Belly chains are a great option for midsection jewelry. So this summer don’t forget to show off your stomach with a beautiful belly chain. Whether your preference is silver or gold belly chains are available in different colors, sizes and designs.


Want a spice up your nipple piercings? Instead of changing your rings all the time why not add a nipple chain to your body jewelry collection. The many different ways that you can wear a nipple chain are almost endless, you can get creative. Your nipple chain can even be worn as your necklace and people wouldn’t even suspect that the chain is connected to your nipples. There is also a non piercing option for nipple chains, where the ends have spring hoops instead of captive bead rings for piercings. Whether you have your nipples pierced or not a nipple chain is a must have body jewelry accessory.