An Unbelievable Example of Corset Piercing. A Double-Helix Design with Colorful Ribbons.

If body jewelry is a definite part of your life, and you consider yourself a devotee, you probably already know about corset piercings. In recent years, they have become one of the most controversial, hottest topics in piercing culture.

Elegant Body Corset with Black Ribbon.

Considered modification, they emulate the look of a corset. These temporary piercings are done in vertical rows on the body, and then laced with ribbon, rope, or chains.

Done in a Pair: Piercing Corsets on the Legs

Unlike a traditional corset, a pierced corset will not actually alter the shape and contours of your body. The body corset is a 2-dimensional visage on the skin’s surface. They can be done on the arms, bust, torso, legs, neck, and most commonly, along the length of the back.

Corset Pierced Up the Length of her Torso


Corsets originated many centuries ago, in the 1600’s. They were designed to give women the look that was most in vogue at the time: an exaggerated, voluptuous, impossible-by-nature hourglass silhouette. Voluminous hips, overflowing breasts, and a teensy little waist in between them was the idea of sexy, and women seriously went to great extremes to have it. They were definitely not comfortable by any means, and were sometimes actually dangerous to the women wearing them for constricting such pressure and force on their abdomens. This was especially harmful to pregnant women. But, the beauty and fascination with corsets never disappeared, in that span of several hundred years. This signifies the corset as having a definite place in what we will do to ourselves to successfully achieve the look we are desiring.  Not that much has changed since then; I truly believe it is part of human nature to reinvent ourselves, and strive for our own ideal of perfection. Hence, our unending obsession with modification. No matter how accepted they may seem- makeup, plastic surgery, tattoos, and body piercing are all forms of body modification. Just as corsets made a full return to fashion in the late 1990’s within the fetish culture, body corsets became fully established within the piercing culture at the same time. Undeniably sexy, corsets are here to stay!

Tribal-Inspired Spider Web Design

Despite their popularity, some women who wore corsets and damaged their bodies, were criticized for being slaves to fashion. What do you think? Has much remained the same? Women will always be slaves to fashion! On a similar note, women today who choose to dabble in piercing corsetry are criticized just the same. Perhaps it just part of our nature as well, for others to be critical of something a little out of the ordinary. Whatever the psychological background behind it, there is no denying the fascination around both historical and modern corsetry.

Savor the Drama: An Upper Chest Piercing Corset

Piercing corsets are considered to be a fetish, and people do them mostly for the incredible aesthetics. It definitely takes a strong, open-minded, piercing-happy, and brave person to go through with it. They are sometimes done as part of artistic performance where piercings are featured dramatically. Sometimes as well, they are done for photoshoots and editorials- where they do in fact make for incredible eye candy- just take a look at some of the photos right here! They are also done as part of piercing play, in BDSM scenes.

Laced Arms: One of the Many Ways to Wear Piercing Corsets

When body corsets are created, usually the piercer will use captive bead rings as the jewelry of choice. These versatile rings look incredible, and hold the lacing very well. As these are usually intended to be temporary piercings, occasionally hypodermic needles will be used, and then removed after the activity or photographs have been taken. The reason these are best considered temporary piercings is because they are surface piercings, and the body will most likely work to reject the body jewelry. The are viewed as small wounds, and the body’s mission is to heal. Just like any other type of open wound, infection, cross contamination, and irritation are enormous risks. If they are kept in beyond the body’s wish, in its attempt to reject them, the body will begin to move them around the skin, and create a very unsightly, skewered appearance to your once symmetrical, even corset. This can also create horrendous tissue and skin scarring, so please do yourself a favor and only wear them temporarily!

Pierced Corsets Up the Entire Leg

As with any piercing, if you are considering undergoing this art form, do your homework and research! Know what you are getting into, prepare yourself mentally and physically. As pretty as they are, there are risks involved with body piercing corsets, and you should be aware.

...And Tied With a Pretty Blue Bow!