In choosing the right body jewelry, one crucial factor you have to take into consideration is the material from which the jewelry is fashioned. Body jewelry options can be made of several types of materials but as you would expect all materials are not created equally. Some are cheap and expectedly low quality; some provide bang-for-buck value; a handful of others define what premium quality should look and feel like.

The second category is where jewelry options fashioned from bioflex and surgical steel fall into. Bang-for-buck in that for the price both are an ultimate bargain. With bioflex and surgical steel you get inert, durable and equally fashionable body jewelry. Which is the best option, however, let’s take a deeper dive.


Bioflex is a form of plastic that’s very unlike your typical PTFE or Acrylic. In addition to being lightweight, flexible and highly durable, bioflex is also biologically inert. Body jewelry derived from bioflex are incredibly smooth and without the micropores and inconsistencies that characterize other plastic-based body jewelry.

Surgical steel

Ideally, surgical steel is a high-grade version of stainless steel designed to offer superior biomedical performance. It’s supposed to be corrosion resistant and durable with minimal bioactivity. That said, there’s no universally accepted standard as to what meets the definition of surgical steel. As such, the quality associated with surgical steel varies from manufacturer to manufacturer

  • Piercing compatibility

Bioflex’s inert nature makes it compatible with new and healing piercings. It won’t react with your piercings to cause a complication. Their flexible nature also allows them to better conform to the changes that occur as piercings heal – this is important to the stress borne by new piercing and in preventing inflammation.

  • Look and feel

Surgical steel body jewelry are more fashionable options than bioflex. They certainly look better and offer a lot more style configurations than the former. This is not to say that bioflex jewelry fails in the looks department. Matter of fact they look good as well, just that with surgical steel you’re more likely to get an extensive selection of colors and a more sophisticated look.


From this, it’s clear to see that bioflex outclasses surgical steel as a jewelry option for new piercings. They are also what we’d advise anyone with sensitive skin to go for. Surgical steel on the hand is every fashionista’s dream and provided you’re using them on healed piercings there’s little to no risk of developing complications.