Getting a new piercing can be tremendous fun, that’s until you remember your school/workplace dress code and society’s something conservative mores. Unlike the typical fashion accessory, however, piercings cannot be simply worn or unworn. It takes at least six weeks for a new earlobe piercing to heal completely – and within that timeframe, you should leave your piercings just the way they were out of the piercing studio.

So what can you do to go to work/school without running the risk of turning a few displeased heads? Quite a lot actually and we’ve got it all rounded up for your reading pleasure

  • Blend in with a Band-Aid

The keyword here is blend in, while this method will work to keep you away from the piercing police, people will still cast an intrusive look – they won’t just know what manner of piercing you’ve got concealed. Covering your piercing with a Band-Aid is simple. Get a Band-Aid. Cut out a piece that’s slightly bigger than the piercing and then wrap up your piercing with it. You’ll have to routinely change Band-Aids though.

  • Go natural with the long hair look

If you’ve got long hair, then all it takes to conceal your  new piercing would be to wear it down, you know, like a bold and confident supermodel. The only caution here is that hair can get entangled with your piercing jewelry. So, be extremely careful not to pull on the hair directly covering the piercing. It also helps to keep the hair short, but still long enough to cover the piercing.

  • Use hats, baseball caps, or scarves

Although these might not work in all situations, scarves, hats, and baseball caps can be a quick fix, easy-to-use cover-up method that is also fashionable. As with wearing your hair down, it’s just a case of using the cap/hat to cover your piercing. Unlike the former, however, scarves/hat pose a lesser risk of being entangled with your hair.

  • Use a concealer

Because fresh piercings are usually very sensitive, concealers won’t work with your new piercing. For piercings that have aged well, however, a concealer that matches your skin tone paired with a stud is just what you need to become a master of disguise.

  • Tone down the glitz

What draws the most attention to your new piercing? Usually, it’s not the piercing itself but the shiny body jewelry piece that goes with it. If your goal is to remain under the piercing radar, then a good way to start would be to excise that part of your piercing jewelry that commands the most attention.  Don’t worry; it’s not as hard as it sounds. Most jewelry pieces that accompany new piercings are usually of the fragile type. All you have to do is get someone who’s equipped with a wire cutter to gently snip off the decorative part while leaving the post part of the jewelry piece in place.