To keep it or take it out? That is the question. Most of us (myself included) would assume that when a woman becomes pregnant her belly button piercing must come out, but that is no longer the case. There are several alternatives to just taking out your belly ring, especially if it is a newer piercing and has not yet had the ample time to heal. If you’ve had your navel piercing for a year or so you can safely remove it until you feel comfortable putting it back in once your pregnancy is over.  It can take anywhere from 6 months to a year for your navel piercing to fully heal where you would be able to remove it for a long period of time without the hole closing up. If you would like to keep your piercing during your pregnancy there are a few things you must do to maintain it. First, while your skin is stretching in this sensitive area you must make sure to keep it very clean so that it does not get irritated and possibly infected. Clean the piercing regularly to ward of infection.


The best cleaning solution to use would be a mild fragrance free antibacterial soap and warm water, also make sure to pat it dry and avoid rubbing and picking at the skin. Second, avoid tight clothes that would rub against your navel and cause further irritation. Around 5 to 6 months your navel will be at its largest and it would be best to purchase a maternity belly ring that has an extra-long shaft so that there is plenty of room for the skin to stretch and not get pinched by the smaller piercing. The maternity bell rings not only have a longer shaft but also a flexible shaft that allows for it to bend naturally with your growing belly and makes it much more comfortable. As always, it’s good to discuss these things with your doctor and make sure you are doing everything to ensure a happy and healthy pregnancy for you and your baby At least you know you have options when it comes to your piercing.