How the piercing is done: The navel piercing is usual the piercing of the upper rim of the skin around the navel. This area is commonly marked by the piercer for guidance when piercing the navel.  When getting your navel pierced depending on the person performing the piercing you may be required to stand up and get it done or have the luxury of lying down while being pierced.

Aftercare: When your piercings are healing it is important to keep in mind that there are important steps that need to be taken when caring for your new piercing.  Make sure you maintain good hygiene. Always wash your hands before handling your piercing. Change your towels and bed linen often to avoid infection.  Smoking can also impair the healing process as smoking can cause the blood vessels smaller which slows down the flow of oxygen in the blood, which can essentially result in a longer healing process. Keep in mind that this piercing can take up to 6 months or longer for this piercing to heal so the most important factor in the aftercare process is patience.

Jewelry: When you first get your belly button pierced you may not be able to choose a fancy piece of jewelry to wear. Belly rings are usually pierced with a curved barbell or captive bead ring. If you have been pierced with a captive bead ring you most likely need to see your piercer to get the jewelry changed. Once your piercing has healed and you are able to change the jewelry there are so many rings for you to choose from. Check out our huge selection on