Thinking about getting your belly button pierced? Here are some facts with all that you need to know about getting your navel pierced.



A lot of people ask the question “Did it hurt?” There is no real way to answer this question. Everyone’s pain tolerance is different so it may be excruciating for one person but a breeze for another.

After you get your navel pierced there is soreness and pain and there is no doubt about that whether the piercing was painful or not. Your new piercing is an open wound and you should treat it as such, therefore, you will experience bleeding, swelling, and soreness. Over the course of time as your piercing begins to heal it will begin to develop a crusty ring around it. This crusty layer is from your body expelling discharge it is normal to see some discharge from your piercing. If you are experiencing an excessive amount of yellow/green discharge and are experiencing severe pain you should go back to the person who pierced you or see a doctor as soon as possible as this may be a sign of infection. Once your body has gone through the crusty stage, your piercing is almost completely healed.  Make sure to treat the piercing carefully and take all precautions before handling it and be sure that it is completely healed before you change the jewelry. Even though the crusty stage may be over it doesn’t mean that it’s time to change the jewelry. It is best to see your piercer to get the jewelry changed especially if you have been pierced with a captive bead ring, as a special tool is needed to remove the jewelry.


Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that you should follow after getting your belly button pierced, to prevent infection.

Do wash your piercing with antibacterial soap

Do have patience for your piercings healing process

Don’t use alcohol or peroxide to clean your piercing

Do use a saline solution or salt water to soak and clean the piercing with during the healing process

Do wash your hands before touching the piercing

Do not touch the piercing unless you have to

Do not change the jewelry until the piercing is completely healed

Do check with your piercer or doctor if you feel it may be infected


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