We all love the look of body modification tattoos and piercings are on almost everybody. Many people get their ears pierced, nose pierced, tongue rings, and much more. A form of body modification that is rapidly growing in popularity is stretching of the earlobes and cartilage in the ears. This process can be done a number of ways the most popular is tapering, and when you decided to stretch your ears you start out a small and safe gauge and slowly gauge up in sizes. This form of body modification is tribal and was not very popular in western culture but over the past 20 years it has become almost normal to see someone with gauged ears. When you decide to stretch your ears you have to think about a few things like will your ears go back to normal once they have been stretched to a certain point as this form of body modification is permanent. If you love the look of stretched ears and you do not want to take the commitment of stretching your ears you should try a pair of faux ear plugs. These items give you the look of wearing ear plugs without having to stretch your ears, all the beauty and no pain. In order to wear most of the fake ear plugs you do need to have a standard ear piercing. There are a few style tapes that are magnetic for those that do not have any ear piercings. If you want to pull off the look of having gauged ears check out our collection of fake earplugs and tapers.