If you are looking to get a new piercing, knowing what the basic types of body jewelry are can be very helpful. Even if you have just gotten a new piercing, or have had them before, knowing how body jewelry is classified can be very helpful. Here are a few of the most popular types of piercing jewelry.

  • Straight barbell. This type of piercing is usually used in industrial ear piercings, tongue piercings, nipple piercings, and any other type of ear cartilage piercing. It depends on your preference, but there are also flexible straight barbells.
  • Curved barbell. These can be used in many different types of piercings. These piercings can include, septum piercings, naval piercings, eyebrow piercings, and much more. Usually, naval piercings are classified as banana bells, meaning that they have a smaller ball on top and a large on bottom.

  • Spiral wave barbell. These are mostly just used for looks. These can be used in many different piercings depending on your preference.
  • These can be used in many piercings, mostly in piercings of the ear cartilage. They are easy to use and to clean. They are some of the most basic versions of piercings out there, but they are perfect for everyday use.

  • Captive rings. These can also be worn almost anywhere. Basically, they are just hoops with a ball or a charm. This ball or charm, pops out so that you can insert the piercing and then the ball or charm will hold it in place.

  • Horseshoe ring. This is exactly what it sounds like, piercings that are in the shape of a horseshoe. These are commonly worn in septum piercings or ear piercings. Each end of the piercing has a ball or charm on it.
  • These are a fun way to express your personality. When used in a naval ring, it can help to express your personal style. Some shields are made to slide over straight barbells, so that you have a two-in-one type of piercing.

  • Plugs, or gauges, are for people who want their earlobes to be stretched. You can get 16g to 0g gauges but be careful as your earlobe could potentially rip if you try to force in a gauge that is too large. You can stretch your ears at home, but make sure that you know what you are doing before you do it.


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