Some piercings are semi-permanent meaning that they are only there for a certain amount of time. For example when people do suspension, there are pierced with hooks temporary until the act is done. Some surface piercings are temporary due to how thin the piercings are the jewelry can eventually grow out. Awkward surface piercings like the wrist piercing and web piercing that have a very high chance of migration and rejection.

Wrist piercing– The wrist piercing is another popular surface piercing that can be done on top of the wrist or on the bottom, it is typically done in the area were a watch or bracelet would be worn. Being that the wrist is constantly moving the rejection rate for this piercing is high, if the piercing is done properly it can last for a while, the proper placement and jewelry selection is important in a wrist piercing. The wrist piercing is typically done with a short barbell.

Finger piercing (dermal) – The finger dermal anchor has given body jewelry on the hand a whole new twist. Why put a ring on every day when you can just have a cute dermal implanted? This piercing is a very difficult piercing to have as we use our hands so much each day there is a very high possibility that you will get the dermal top caught on things. This piercing has a very high rejection rate as it is, but for those body modification lovers this would be a great temporary piercing.

Web piercing- The web piercing is another popular temporary piercing where the skin between the fingers is pierced with a curved barbell. This type of piercing has a very high rejection rate due to the constant movement of the fingers the jewelry usually migrates or rejects almost all the time.