Imagine sitting at the holiday dinner table covered with delicious delicacies, surrounded by the people you love the most in the world. The holiday season is a magical time when you feel safe and cozy. However, it is also the time when you go back home to meet all your relatives who may whisper something about the new septum piercing you got.

Don’t let your judge-y Aunt Mary diminish your holiday season. Want to avoid family drama this holiday season? Here are a few tips to help you dodge unwanted comments by hiding your piercing.

Piercing Retainers

A piercing retainer helps in hiding your piercing in plain sight. If your piercing is still healing or you are planning to spend extra time with your family, and are worried that your piercing will close, retainers are quite helpful at subtly hiding your body piercings.

Compared to other piercings, cartilage and septum piercings are the easiest to hide with retainers as they become a lot less noticeable. Moreover, regardless of your piercing location, clear plastic retainers are fairly difficult to see, especially for those with poor eyesight.

Wear Your Hair Down

If you’re scared that your cartilage piercing will grab the attention of a nosy relative, you should wear your hair down. Outer cartilage piercings are quite easy to hide with your hair, but you need to remain mindful by ensuring that your ear remains hidden all night. If you have an eyebrow piercing, you can hide it by wearing discreet jewelry and covering it with your bangs. However, remember that this option is fairly risky as the slightest breeze can blow your hair back and expose your piercing.

Cover with Band-Aids

Band-aids are quite great when it comes to hiding things. Teenagers often use band-aids to cover pimples and acne, so you can also embrace them to hide your piercing. Band-aids are great at covering straight and small pieces of jewelry and empty piercing holes. If you choose to wear a band-aid to hide your piercing, make sure you have a good story behind it.

Opt for Nude Jewelry

Nude jewelry is another great choice to help you hide your piercing from disapproving relatives that have poor vision. There is a variety of flat, skin-toned jewelry pieces that can easily be believed for a mole or a blemish. If you have a stretched lobe piercing, this can be a great choice for you! Nude plugs ensure that your jewelry remains subtle and your piercing doesn’t close.

Opt for Clothing That Will Hide Your Piercing

You can hide your surface or body piercings by opting for clothes that can help cover it. You may be flaunting your belly piercing with a crop top back in your dorms, but you should opt for a longer top or sweater to hide it when visiting your family during the holiday season. However, you need to ensure that you cover your surface piercings in such a way that they don’t get stuck in your clothes, putting them at risk.

People’s mindset is evolving with time! So, instead of making extra attempts to hide your piercing, you can try to educate your relatives and family members about body modifications and self-expression. Even though this might not always be effective, you should know that getting a piercing is your personal choice and others’ opinions don’t matter!