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Anchors Away!


The temperature is rising and beach season in inching closer and closer. The school year is almost over and there is only one thing on everyone’s mind: summer vacation. Sun, beach, sand, and ocean waves seem to just around corner for so many of us.


Memorial Day weekend can be considered the opening weekend for many Northern beaches. The deep blue waters and waves inspire us to be nautical bound and that seems to no exception for body jewelry designers. We’ve noticed nautical inspired body jewelry, clothing, and artwork on the horizon and want to dive deep in it before the season arrives.


Nautical Symbolism


There are many common symbols when it comes to nautical inspirations, but what do they all mean? In this article, we’ll discover the symbolism of some of the most darling nautical staples.



Anchors are used to “ground” ships in rough waters. They are dropped into the ocean to keep the ship from drifting away with the tides. Historically, anchor symbols are used to signify just that : stability and groundedness. If you’ve seen tattoos with this symbol in conjunction with a name, it usually is to signify that person is the “anchor” to their soul or heart.  If you want to symbolize with you body jewelry that you are a grounded, solid individual, this a great way to do so. Anchors are beautiful by design and add a rustic look to any body jewelry collection. Sailor or not, they are just plain cool.


Nautical Stars 

The nautical star is synonymous with the North Star – a fixed star that is visible from anywhere in the sky to help sea travelers always know with certainty which way was due North. The nautical star could be seen a symbol of “returning home”. Stars of any kind make for beautiful jewelry. Stars are mysterious and marvelous and symmetrically stunning pieces for navel piercings, earlobes, nose, and nipples. See our Idea Book below for ideas on how to integrate stars and all of our nautical notions below.



These eight-legged creatures have been making a debut on more and more fashion and jewelry items….but why? For starters, they are just odd little creatures if you really think about it. 8 legs, one eye and can throw away a leg if threatened as a decoy? The Octopus in animal symbolism is usually associated with flexibility, creativity, and purity. The mystery of this creature is perhaps why we have seen such an influx of body jewelry designers being inspired bu this critter. 


Swallows & Sparrows

Traditionally, the meaning behind the pair of these beautiful birds meant that one had traveled 5000 or more nautical miles. There are other interpretations of true love and safe return home. Perhaps the migration pattern of certain types of swallows that travel the same route, year after year, inspired such deep symbolism. Swallows make wonderful pairs for tattoos, as you have probably seen on many. They make for beautiful body jewelry as well with their simple yet elegant nature and the meaning behind them make it even cooler to sport. 



Skulls can symbolize death or loss of a loved one, or it can represent the warrior nature of a patriotism. It the latter case, it would be a symbol of overcoming great obstacles, so contrary to the negative association most make to skulls, it can actually mean a great triumph. Skulls can be both edgy yet there is something definitely sexy about them. Body Jewelry with skulls are a great fit to pair with ripped or distressed demin, casual tees, cut off shorts, flannel tops, and so much more. If you want to keep your skeletons on the feminine side, pair them with roses and splashes of color to keep zombies at bay. 


Let’s Set Sail

Summer is blissful time to enjoy the beauties of life. Be sure to take some time to yourself to relax. whether that be on the beach, on a boat, or to a pool. You can stay cool with style all summer long with nautical inspired body jewelry set you apart from the crowd. Nothing screams summer like nautical inspired accessories, so take advantage of free shipping and easy return policy from for your style update.

Take a peek at our special nautical edition inspo below and try them out on your next aqua excursion. Sailor Jerry ain’t got nothing on ya’.



Nautical Idea Book



Anchors Away Idea Book