Trends are always coming and going, and here at BodyJewelry.Com we are always on the lookout for growing trends. Recently, there has been a huge growth in popularity for anchors. The Anchor has been coming and going for many years now. The first use of the anchor was by the christians, who used the anchor as the cross in order to avoid persecution by the romans. A few hundred years later the Anchor became part of the sailor culture and fashion. Sailors and seamen were getting tattoos of anchors to show off their constant sea life. The next time that anchors became popular was when it was used to show that you had a significant other. Having an anchor jewelry or tattoo meant that you were taken and was in a stable relationship.

Finally, in the past 5 years Anchors have been coming back into trending topics. The anchor now symbolizes stability, many believe this has become popular due to the economic depression happening around the world, they have taken on this symbol to prove that they still have stability in their life. The group mainly involved with this growing trend is mostly given to hipsters/indie groups. The symbols is now seen in many different mediums. From tattoos and clothing, to many different kinds of jewelry. Some of the jewelry seen with anchors are bracelets and necklaces to body jewelry such as navel rings. When buy your trendy jewelry make sure you are consulting a reputable body jewelry seller.