How the piercing is done:

The nipple piercing is typically done at the base of the nipple, the nipple is marked for placement and the needle is centered and inserted through the nipple. The nipple can be pierced horizontally or vertically. The piercings can be done free hand or the clamps can be used. The nipple piercing is known to be one of the most painful piercings. This piercing is usually done while laying down and sitting in a reclined position.


Nipple piercings can take anywhere from 6 to 10 weeks to heal, and some people reported it can take up to a year to fully heal. The nipple piercing usually heals without complications when pierced properly and properly cared for after the piercing. The aftercare for a nipple piercing usually consist of washing the piercing with antibacterial soap, and sea salt soaks. Remember to always wash your hands before handling your piercing.


The nipple is usually pierced with a 14 gauge or 16 gauge so depending on what you were pierced with will determine the size of jewelry that you buy. The piercing is typically done with a barbell or captive bead ring. Once your nipple piercing has healed the possibility of jewelry is endless. You can use almost anything that suits your taste as a nipple ring.