Not sure what you have tried in your healing regime for your piercings but if you haven’t tried essential oils on your piercings, you should try using Lavender essential oil or Tea Tree essential oil after a piercing. These two essential oils are known for their skin soothing qualities. Lavender oil can be applied directly to the skin, unlike other essential oils that need to be diluted by a carrier oil. Lavender oil helps expedite the healing process and helps in the formation of the scar tissue. Lavender oil is high in antiseptic meaning it will fight infections and kills viruses and bacteria, making it great for wound care.

When it comes to cleaning your piercing, after washing it with antibacterial soap, try using lavender oil on a clean q-tip and gently rub the lavender oil around your piercing. It’s great for when you have swelling and pain as it calms the skin and relieves the pain.

Here are the benefits of Lavender essential oil on your skin:


  • reduces inflammation
  • Calms insect bites and stings, rashes, and scars.
  • Aids in formation of scar tissue and expedites healing process, and much more!


Tea Tree oil for infection and healing

Tea tree oil is another awesome essential oil that can be used for healing your piercing and also for fighting infections. Tea tree oil has qualities that fight bacteria and keep infections out of your piercing. Tea tree oil should be diluted with some other carrier oil. This essential oil should not be put directly on the skin. You should use a 50/50 combination when applying tea tree oil to your skin. A great combination for tea tree oil would be either olive or jojoba oil.  Tea tree oil should be used after you have cleaned your piercing with antibacterial soap and water to help keep infection away!


Here are the benefits of Tea tree essential oil:


  • Reduces Blisters
  • Fights fungal infections,
  • Calms insect bites, skin rashes, wounds, and much more!


Essential oils are a great and natural way to help heal your piercings along with preventing infections. A great place to find pure natural essential oils is They have a large selection of essential oils and natural oils. Try using them in your piercing aftercare routine.



When people have new piercings they tend to not care for them properly. Even though your piercing is a wound it shouldn’t be treated as such you should never use the following products on your piercings. These products may be ok to treat any other minor cut or wound but it should NOT be used on your new piercing.

Hydrogen Peroxide – Kills bacteria, but it can dry out your piercing and cause irritation and make the healing process a lot longer.

Rubbing Alcohol – Alcohol will dry out your skin and cause irritation to the fresh piercing, which can eventually lead to infection.

Ear Care Solution – When you get your ears pierced in a department store or small store in your local mall they tend to give you piercing aftercare products that contain harmful ingredients. These products usually tend to have alcohol and hydrogen peroxide in them. These can be very dangerous for your piercing.

Ointments – Ointments like neosporin are great for treating cuts and scraps but it should not be used on your fresh piercing. Antibacterial ointments and products alike can clog the piercing area and interfere with the cells trying to heal the piercing and can possibly lead to infection.