In today’s society getting a piercing is no longer out of the norm. It has grown and become a huge part of today’s American youth’s culture. Due to the immaturity of most pierced people, they do not know how to properly take care of a piercing. One of the biggest problems with piercings is misinformation about how to take care of one.

The first thing you should know about most piercings is that it should never be covered. Let your piercings breathe, do not put band-aids or gauze over them. It is not a wound, a little bit of air will help the piercing have a natural and safe healing process. Another important thing about the after care of a piercing is to never touch it without cleaning your hands before. You carry many different kinds of bacteria in your hands and by you putting you filthy hands on your body jewelry or near the piercing, it is not helping the piercing heal.

Another tip to remember is to not move your piercing unless its necessary. Twisting or pushing in or out the jewelry will not help it heal. You are causing more damage to the piercing than you actually think. Do not over clean your piercing, you are killing new cells that are trying to grow to help you piercing heal.


Other stories we have heard which we think you should also avoid are: Do not let your dog or cat play with your newly pierced jewelry. Pouring alcohol on your newly pierced body part is not a good idea either. Do not let your best friend play with your jewelry, or convince you to change it to another jewelry.